Thursday, July 1, 2010

Three Sheets to the Treats, take 1

As my facebook statuses have started to move more and more heavily into the realm of food porn, and my friends and co-workers decry my attempts at feeding them as 'diet sabotage,' I now turn to this blog as my outlet to talk about the beautiful marriage of two of my favorite things - booze and baking.

Food has always held a very important place in my life. My mother loves telling a story from my much younger days, when she asked me if I wanted any cheese, and I responded "no, but I'll have a cheese danish." And my boyfriend told me he loved me "because we can talk for hours about great meals we've had." I always seem to connect to food in both a cerebral and visceral way. That said, my waistline has also maintained a very real connection with food. But enough of that - this is a blog of deliciousness, not lamentations about butter. (Yes, Julia Child, you know I love you.)

Now I'm off to keep debating whether to make a blueberry and creme fraiche tart or cherry pie for the Fourth.

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