About Emily

Emily is a lifelong foodie, and is behind most of the recipes and creations that show up in this blog. Emily's earliest memory of baking was the first time her mother left her and her brother home alone for a few hours. Upon her return, she found a mound of chocolate chip cookies on the counter, dishes everywhere, and two children lying on the floor with atrocious stomachaches from the consumption of illicit levels of cookie dough. To this day, Emily and her brother look back fondly on that afternoon, and neither have learned their lesson about eating too much cookie dough.
After completing college in southern California, Emily moved cross-country to New York City, where she met Christian, her nerd-in-residence and the culinary Obi-Wan to her Luke Sky-baker. They live in Northern Manhattan with their two adorable and mischievous cats, and Emily is working on her law degree (further proof that she is, in fact, crazy).